Personalized Mentorship Programs

A mentorship platform to instill problem-solving skills in students using data and equipping them with the arsenal of techniques to solve any real-world business problems through incessant practice and hands-on execution.

Our Mentorship covers

Data Acquisition and Analysis

You will learn how to collect data from different sources and the different techniques used in the industry for acquiring high-quality data. You will then apply the State of the Art approaches for analysing data and optimally utilising it to solve industry problems.

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Learn to mine, extract and process patterns, trends and insights to derive useful information from the data. Understand how this useful information can be applied to business processes to expedite and ease the tasks of the clients as well as the employees.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Comprehend and apply disparate State of the Art machine learning models to solve problems for companies. Use predictive analytics to analyze and understand how these predictions function when they are deployed and how they can be fine-tuned to deliver better results and achieve targets.

Deep Learning with NLP and CV

Learn, understand and master deep learning techniques that are used in academia and industry by the hands-on implementation. Apply latest approaches in NLP(Natural Language Processing) and CV(Computer Vision) using Tensorflow and PyTorch for solving real-life problems and making an impact.

Writing Research Papers to solve problems

You will pick up a problem statement in a domain of your choice after a few brainstorming sessions with your mentor. This brainstorming will help you refine your problem statement to pinpoint the problem you want to solve. We will help, guide, and evaluate your solution as you solve the problem and write a research paper elucidating your approach for solving that problem. We will then guide on how you can publish your paper in international journals and conferences.

Databases and Data Engineering

Understand the process of designing and implementing automated data pipelines for your company. Learn how different components in a data pipeline interact with each other and how these data pipelines can help to solve business problems of companies and how you can be the one to leverage those skills for your company/


About Analytica

Mentoring since 2021

"Feel the experience of Gurukul"

Defy the traditional approach of education that revolves around teaching and confines the students to a predefined syllabus. We have built a system that emphasizes making the students independent while upskilling them which is not achieved by the traditional model and hence, we don't teach, we mentor. We provide a myriad of paths for students to explore, follow and learn which will impart them the experience needed to tackle real-world problems. Each student carves his own different path and we mentor and streamline this process of learning by supplementing them with each and every resource they require. Thus, we provide an ecosystem that prevailed in ancient India's Gurukuls that contributed to the student's overall growth and learning by continuously mentoring, evaluating, changing, and upgrading their skills so that they can achieve their desired targets. 


"I am really grateful to Analytica for mentoring me and helping me expand my interest and love for data science. Their knowledge is amazing and they have the finest material for anyone associating with them :D"




Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, Data Science, Research in general.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. In turn, these systems generate insights that analysts and business users can translate into tangible business value.

What are the pre-requisites of the mentorship program?

Basic coding experience irrespective of the coding language coupled with knowledge of basic mathematics will propel you towards a great future in data science.

What is the duration of the mentorship program?

The mentorship program spans over 16 weeks of hands-on learning, implementation and execution.



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